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User Manuals and frequent issues for Reverse Osmosis water Filter systems


Nelsen 75PGPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Manual


Frequent Installation Questions/Comments:

Why is the drain water is constantly running after installation?

There are two main issues that cause this to happen. The first is that the small blue restrictor valve was not installed on the bottom of the membrane unit before attaching the drain tubing. You can find this small, 1.5" elbow fitting in your parts bag.
The second issue is that the RO Water Filter needs about 2 hours or so to fill the standby tank before the drain line stops flowing. Once the tank is filled and your humidifier is filled, the drain will stop. It will only drain when the system is making filtered water.

Why has my RO Water Filter stopped producing water?

The filters need to be changed on your system. Three of the filters should be changed every 3-6 months depending on your water quality feeding the system. All four filters should be changed at the 2 year mark. These times are approximate and depend on the quality of your feed water.